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Ground Source Heat Pumps in Worcester

Ground source heat pump systems are growing in popularity in Worcester because they are an efficient and effective source of renewable energy. They are available in a variety of different sizes, ranging from small domestic heat pumps which start at around 4Kw, to large commercial heat pumps which can be over 1Mw in size. Whatever their size, they all have two things in common:

  1. the ability to extract solar energy stored in the ground and convert that into a higher temperature for heating, and
  2. significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

Heat Pumps are Energy Efficient

Ground source heat pumps are extremely energy efficient. Every unit of electricity used to drive the pump and compressor will produce between 3 and 4 units of heat. That's a substantial increase of electrical energy of at least 300%, whilst CO2 emissions when compared to a fossil fuel like gas shows reductions of over 40%.

As well as reducing CO2 emissions and substantially helping users to reduce their carbon footprint, ground source heat pumps are extremely cost effective, and tend to have the lowest running costs of all other space heating systems. This of course results in lower energy bills for users.

How Do Ground Heat Pumps Work?

Ground source heat pumps work kind of like a fridge in reverse. Instead of extracting heat to produce a chilled environment, a heat pump extracts the cold to produce heat. Looped pipes are buried under the ground and they capture the solar energy stored in the ground itself, and the captured energy is then converted into heat which can be used for several different heating solutions like:

  • Underfloor heating
  • Conventional central heating using radiators
  • Hot water

Ground Source Heat Pumps are most efficient and cost effective when used for background heating like an underfloor heating system, as this requires a lower input heat than that needed for conventional radiator heating or domestic hot water. An underfloor heating system generally only requires a relatively low flow temperature of 35oC, which will have an efficiency level of around 400%. But a conventional radiator system requires a much higher flow temperature of at least 50oC, which will reduce the level of efficiency to under 300%, resulting in higher running costs & fuel bills.

However, it is worth noting that whether used for background or conventional heating, ground source heat pumps will still be substantially more efficient than existing fossil fuel systems - and much, much greener!

Heat Pumps in Worcester

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