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15% of the UK population suffer with hayfever during the summer months, yet installing an appropriate Air Conditioning System could go a long way to help alleviate their symptoms. Some Air Conditioning Systems can actually filter pollens by up to 90%, helping keep rooms protected by the system almost pollen free!

A modern air conditioning system enables you to enjoy a constant temperature within rooms without the necessity of opening windows, thus keeping you relaxed and comfortable at all times whatever the outside weather or temperature. They also dehumidify the air thus increasing your overall comfort and wellbeing.


The EU F-Gas Regulation No 842/2006 which became law on 6 July 2006 has serious implications for business owners and operators of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration equipment. A summary of the regulations and user's responsibilities in PDF format from ACRIB - Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry Board - can be viewed by clicking the following link: F-Gas Regulations Summary or, alternatively, at the following website

F-Gas Registration No. REF1008877

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