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Air Source Heat Pumps in Worcester

Air Source Heat Pumps are being installed more and more in the Worcester area because they actually generate heat from the air, arguably making them one of the most eco-friendly renewable energy systems available. And they are very economical and efficient. For every 1Kw of energy used, they will generate between 3Kw to 5Kw of energy. That's 3 to 5 times greater efficiency than a traditional boiler system.

Unlike Solar Panels which require sun to generate energy, an air source heat pump uses an element that is in abundant supply and available all year round, night and day...

...the air that we breath!

For every 1Kw of energy used, an Air Source Heat Pump will generate between 3Kw to 5Kw of energy!

Generates Energy Even in Winter

The air source heat pumps available today are so efficient they will even generate energy when the outside temperature is as low as -15ºC to -20ºC. As the average minimum temperature in a typical Worcestershire winter rarely falls below -3ºC, your air source heat pump will be able to provide you with sufficient energy for all your heating and hot water, all year round.

How Do Air Source Heat Pumps Work?

Like all heat pumps they operate like a fridge in reverse. Instead of extracting heat to generate cold, they extract cold to generate heat, and they do it very efficiently. As indicated above, for every 1Kw of electricty used to operate the system, they will generate between 3Kw to 5Kw of electricity in return. Very efficient. Very cost effective. And resulting in lower fuel bills from your power supply company. 

Air Source Heat Pumps in Worcester

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