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Air Conditioning Unit

Although most people tend to consider air conditioning as a facility to keep cool when it is warm, most of todays modern air conditioning units also double as heaters during cold spells, giving you the best of both worlds. Keeping you cool and comfortable in the summer, and warm and comfortable in the winter.

But an air conditioning unit is much more than a simple air cooler (or heater). In the home, office or any place of business, a modern, efficient air conditioning system will ensure that you and your visitors are able to relax and enjoy the highest possible levels of personal comfort.

You will sense the freshness in the air, keeping you bright, alert and relaxed at all times.

Stress Free Working Environment

Within the workplace, working in an environment which has air conditioning tends to be extremely popular with staff. This usually has a direct and positive influence on morale and productivity levels, as well as a tendency to significantly reduce stress and tension.

A comfortable air conditioned working environment is an enjoyable stress-free environment.

How Does Air Conditioning Work?

An air conditioning unit is basically a heat pump which transfers heat from one environment to another, using a refrigerant in the process. Whilst being used in cool mode during the summer, the heat pump removes stale air from the enclosed room and draws fresh air from outside. The fresh air is then passed through the refrigerant for cooling before being transferred into the room. Thus the air entering the room is always fresh and cool.

Fujitsu Air Conditioning Unit

In heating mode, the same process is employed, but this time the air from outside is heated instead of being cooled, ensuring a constant flow of fresh warm air.

Air Conditioning in Worcester

ACRS are a long established company based in the Vale of Evesham in Worcestershire, and they are air conditioning specialists covering all types of air conditioning systems for domestic, commercial and industrial installations. To find out how ACRS can turn your home or business into a comfortable, relaxed, air-conditioned environment, please contact ACRS by:

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